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Medicine Hat and Southeast Alberta’s Trusted Tree Removal Experts

Does your property have a tree that is dead, dying or decayed? Do you want a professional to assess your tree for removal? Poplar Mechanics can help. If you have decayed or dead trees, it can become a threat to your safety. Our team at Poplar Mechanics specializes in removing dangerous trees in Medicine Hat and Southeast Alberta’s residential and commercial properties. 

With a 70-foot lift truck that provides us additional height, skid steers to handle heavy loads and a 15-inch capacity chipper, our team can perform tree removal from properties without harming the surrounding areas. Not to mention, our Tandem axle hauling trucks provide another way to quickly and easily load heavy trees – it is a popular heavy transport truck. 

Poplar Mechanics has the tools and experience to do any job even without equipment access. We can even climb to heights without machinery support. Feel free to give us a call, and our team can come down to your location for a quick tree assessment.

Safe Tree Services in Medicine Hat

Although trees are precious and should be protected, certain situations necessitate the removal of trees:

If it’s decaying or dead. You must look for common signs of decay. Most sick trees take years to die and can infect nearby healthy trees. The decaying part can become a haven for pests and eventually be at risk of falling.
If it’s located nearby a building that is within six metres of a house, it will cause severe damage if it falls. Also, the root system can cause cracks in the foundation and sewer line blockages.
If a tree or a branch touches or falls on power lines, it becomes a hazard and can catch fire. In addition to the risk of injury, this can lead to a power outage.
If strong winds, storms, and heavy snow damage your tree’s structural integrity, bracing might not be enough to prevent it from falling.

Irrespective of the case, we can carry out efficient tree removal in Medicine Hat and Southeast Alberta.

Tree Removal After a Storm

We can help you with quick tree removal at your property or any nearby location.

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