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Reliable Tree Trimming Services in Medicine Hat and Southeast Alberta

Tree trimming doesn’t apply only to damaged trees - regular tree trimming promotes good health and fuller trees. With years of experience, Poplar Mechanics provides the residents and office owners of Medicine Hat and Southeast Alberta with high-quality tree and shrub trimming services. We are skilled in spurless climbing and have the best rope access equipment to reach tree heights. Whatever we do, we always keep the health of your trees in mind. It doesn’t matter whether you have decorative, fruit, or shade trees on your property - we know our job and ensure that they remain beautiful and healthy for many years. Contact one of our skilled arborists and learn how we can help your trees and shrubs with tree trimming.

Why Is Trimming Good for Your Trees and Shrubs?

Trimming your trees and shrubs regularly enables you to get rid of sickly or diseased parts. The appropriate time for trimming is late winter, early spring, or sometimes just right before the tree begins to open its buds.

We provide the following trimming services in Medicine Hat and Southeast Alberta:

Dead branches:
Professionals have heavy-duty equipment required for safely compTrees that have dead or decayed limbs or branches must be removed to ensure there are no harmful insects or rotting. Trimming prevents this problem and extends the life of your trees.
Heavy branches:
Any tree can grow heavy limbs and branches that can be too risky in the event of a storm and can kill the entire tree. When we trim your trees, we make sure this doesn’t happen.
Close proximity to your home:
If you have trees planted close to the house or power lines, they become a threat to your safety in case the tree falls. Our team makes sure the trees are trimmed safely without harming the surroundings.

Tree Maintenance Made Simple

If you have a tree or shrub that requires shaping or trimming, we can help.

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