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Professional Tree Care Services in Medicine Hat and Southeast Alberta

With excellent tree climbers and a wealth of experience, Poplar Mechanics will maintain the safety and appearance of your property. Based in Medicine Hat, we offer tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, log hauling, landscaping and snow removal for customers throughout Southeast Alberta. 

Whether you have tree damage following a storm or simply require routine pruning, we are happy to help. We never rush and take the time necessary to ensure every job is completed in a safe and professional manner. Give us a call today to get started.

Safe Tree Services in Medicine Hat

Poplar Mechanics has the right tools and equipment to tackle tree problems of any size. Our well-maintained equipment includes a 70-foot aerial bucket truck and wood chipper.

We come to the location, inspect the problem and provide effective solutions that involve:

Tree removal:
We remove fallen, hazardous, diseased and intrusive trees from properties.
Our professional arborists have the training and expertise when it comes to pruning and trimming your trees and shrubs.
By carefully sculpting your trees and shrubs, we provide you with the most beautiful greenery on the block.
Stump grinding:
Don’t just leave the stump to grow back or blight your property. Go with our stump grinding services!
Tree chipping:
Our tree chipping service is a great way to get rid of downed branches, fallen trees, and other yard waste on your property.
Log hauling:
We haul your urban trees and salvaged logs to a local sawmill and ensure the highest value.
We can help you transform your backyard into a place where you can relax, unwind and enjoy with your family and friends.
Snow removal:
Snow removal can be a tedious task at times. At Poplar Mechanics, we have the tools to clear your driveway and office surroundings from the snow quickly.

If you are looking for a qualified team of tree professionals to help you with your residential or commercial tree maintenance in Medicine Hat and Southeast Alberta, call us right away. Our team responds promptly as we don’t want you to wait.

Tree Care Specialists

Ensure the upkeep and safety of your trees with our team of professionals.

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